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Early Readers

Early Readers
These books are specially written as part of a reading scheme to help and encourage children learning to read by engaging them with fun-filled satisfying, humorous accessible stories.
For more information on the books, scroll down; for more information on the reading scheme, click here.

Pink Level

Dot and Dan/Snack Attack - Dot and Dan are two hungry mice but their hunt for a tasty snack often leads them into trouble!
Look Out! - Dot and Dan are on the hunt for cheese, but Dan is very clumsy. Will he wake everyone up before they get the cheese back to their hole?
Dot and Dan's Big Trip - Dot and Dan go on a trip - by bus, by boat, by plane, by car...but where is the best place?
Rush! - The family are in a big rush - through the puddles, through the tunnel, down the hill...but where are they going?
Tap, Tap, Tap! - Everyone in the family can tap, whether on pans or hammers or drums...but when their neighbour taps on the door will there be trouble?
Duck is Stuck - Duck is stuck in the mud - who will help him get out?
Get the Ball! - When Billy throws the ball for his dog he doesn't expect it to go quite so far! But his trusty dog is on a mission!

Red Level
Viv the Vet - Viv helps everyone's pets - but who will help her when she gets stuck?
Top Dog - Lilly is the fluffiest, Biff is the strongest, but who is the top dog?
Dog in a Dress - the animals are all having fun dressing up - but who do they belong to?         Run, Tom, Run! - Tom loves running, Tom loves winning - but will he win the big race?Catch it, Jess! - Jess chases everything - until she gets chased herself!                                       Cat Nap - Jess is searching for somewhere to nap - but the other animals are too noisy!Nell's Spells - Nell the witch wants to cast a spell, but can she find all the things she needs?   Zip! Zap! - Nell the witch needs a new hat, but can she conjure up the right one?Orange Level

Dog at School - When a boisterous dog runs into school he causes all sorts of trouble. Then he runs to the head teacher's office. Everyone thinks the head teacher will be very cross...but will he?

Funny Footprints - On Ben's birthday it snows! He goes for a walk with Dad and sees some very funny footprints in the snow. Where could they lead?

Blue Level 

I Don't Care said Big Bear - Big Bear doesn't care about the other animals problems, so who will help her when she gets into trouble?Little Scarlet's Big Fibs - Scarlet takes treats to Gran's house, but always eats them before she gets there - so she blames the Big Bad Wolf! Until the Big Bad Wolf pays her a visit - or does he? Shy Stan - Ben is the new fish in class and as everyone makes him welcome he insists on sitting with his friend Stan - but no one else can see Stan! Gold Level
Shooting Star - Stella has always been different, not because she's uses a wheelchair, but because she's a superhero! But when a burglar breaks into Stella's school, she doesn't have time to change into her disguise - can she still save the day?

Scary Scott - All Scott wants is a friend but being a ghost makes that a whole lot harder. When Halloween comes around, will Scott finally find some spooky friends?

The Coach, the Shoes, and the Football - Raj lives with his evil stepdad and stepbrothers, who make him do all the chores. But when there’s a chance to win a place on famous football coach Peter Prince’s summer camp, maybe Raj will get his happy ending after all!

The Magic Music Box - Bella dreams of being a ballerina. When a new ballet school opens up, she is desperate to join but it’s too expensive. Then she is given a mysterious music box…

Abdul's Lazy Sons - Abdul works hard on the farm, but his sons never help.
They are far too lazy! Then Abdul thinks of a clever trick to make them work very hard indeed ...

White Level
Who Will Be King? - The old King has a dilemma - who should be king after him? His sons are triplets! So the king decides to set them a series of tests...who will win - strong Edmund, clever Crispin, or gentle Jack?

The Missing Necklace - A crime has been committed in Ancient Egypt! Who has stolen the Queen's precious necklace? Of all the people in the palace, only clever Ana, the guard's daughter, can work it out...can you?

Independent Reading Level 11
Long ago there were no stories in the world...but cunning Anansi the spider will stop at nothing to get Nyame's story box - facing up to the jungle's deadliest creatures - proving that even the littlest among us can achieve the greatest things.

Independent Reading Level 12
When Summer discovers her local library is closing she organises a protest, and is amazed at the turn-out. She had no idea of all the different diverse ways the library benefits her community!

Independent Reading Level 13
Simon is Tariq's best friend. But when Simon breaks the rules and gets Tariq in trouble, what should Tariq do?

Independent Reading Level 14
The Queen is desperate to find a suitable royal playmate for her son, Rupert. She insists on finding a real princess and uses a pea to test the girls...but Rupert has a plan of his own!

Independent Reading Level 16

Wedding in Delhi: Jasmine is a worrier. She worries about getting sunburned in summer, and getting frostbite in inter, so when she's invited to her cousin's wedding in Delhi, she's thrilled...but very nervous too. She's never been on a plane, and never been to another country...will her nerves get the better of her? Or will she finally learn to enjoy experiencing new things?

Pen Pals When city-dweller Jayden and farm girl Rosie finally meet, it's an eye-opening experience for both of them as they discover their lives are very different! But also strangely similar too...

Independent Reading Level 17

When Perce stows away to Antarctica on The Endurance he embarks on the adventure of his life! But will he and the others survive when disaster strikes and they have to abandon ship...?

Independent Reading Level 18

Hannibal is determined to defeat the Romans with an army on mighty elephants! But first they must cross the river and navigate a way through the treacherous Alps, before facing the mighty Roman army!


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