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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Happy World Book Day! Footprints Quiz!

Happy World Book Day Everyone!

And what a SNOWY one it is! BRRR!!

For those of you stranded at home like me, I hope you're all getting stuck into good books - not stuck in the snow!

There are some very funny footprints in the snow in my garden - just like in my book FUNNY FOOTPRINTS!

"Who made the footprints 
in the snow?
Let's follow them
To see where they go!"

Can you guess what made the funny footprints?
What about the animals who made these funny footprints below...?



Maybe this handy sheet could help? (Answers at the bottom 😉)
Do you have any funny footprints in your garden or on your street? 

Can you identify them, using the sheet?

Could you MAKE any funny footprints yourself?

Could you make up your own STORY about finding funny footprints?

I hope you're having a fun World Book Day!


Katie x

(Answers: a) bird b) cat c) rabbit)

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