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Someone Else's Life - Reviews
Beverley, Chicklish
It is utterly flawless and is perfection in the form of a book; it has everything you could wish for in a book and had me hooked from page one (I had to sneak off to the library at lunch so that I could continue reading it!).... more
Book Cover Justice - 
I. Loved. This. Book. I read through this baby within 24 hours, stopping only because I have kids to take care of and a husband to pay attention to. All my free time was spent sitting in my chair cuddling up with my Nook and a blanket and just devouring this. more
Kirkus Reviews - 
It reads the way a haunted house might, with the unexpected lurking behind every door... more
Jaskirat, Goodreads 
Katie Dale tests the theory of love and conveys it's true meaning with the help of a blissful cast, exquisite writing, and a lot of meaningful messages that now hold the key to my heart. Someone Else's Life is a masterfully crafted debut.
Bella, Cheezyfeet Books
Someone Else's Life was a huge surprise for me. I'd heard next to nothing about it from other bloggers, and I didn't really have any sky-high expectations for it- not because I didn't think it would be good, but because I just didn't reallyknow all that much about it... more
Raimy, Readaraptor
I expected a bit of an emotional rollercoaster when reading this book. However, what I expected was much like riding the teacups at the local fair compared to what you get when reading Someone Else's Life! more...
Choose YA -
Katie Dale’s debut novel,Someone Else’s Life, is an absolute roller-coaster of a read, filled with more twists and drama than I ever expected. more...

Fairy Tale Twists - Reviews

5/5 stars Hilarious for the whole family By Ms. C. R. Handford, (Amazon)
This book [The Big Bad Werewolf] is such a fantastic, clever, funny read for all the family and a perfect length for a decent bedtime story. I love children's stories that can amuse adults too and this book ticks all the boxes, a pleasure to read (rhythmic), witty illustrations, really comical and intelligently written! I have a 3 year old and 4 year old but I think this even suitable for up to 10 years old.
We enjoyed this so much that we have now purchased the whole series and they certainly do not disappoint. They are so cleverly done, don't hesitate to purchase.

5/5 stars Fantastically Hilarious - starsweep
The unfair-y Godmother puts a great twist on the usual princess and prince charming stories, it had me laughing out loud and my 5 and 6 year old daughters loved it too! It has a real feel good factor that promotes having brains and being true to yourself is a much better plan than sitting waiting for prince charming, all in a funny and brilliant rhyme. This book should be on all modern little girls book shelves!

5/5 stars Very funny story - KB, (Amazon)
This book was bought for my 6 year old to read, but equally enjoyed by my 10 year old. They thought it was very funny. The 6 year old usually complains when his reading books do not have coloured pictures, but we did not get any complaints with this book.

This is an engaging romp through many much-loved tales, cleverly reshaped in a modern idiom, and ideal for everyone who likes fast paced, inventive fun in engaging rhyme. (Carousel 2012-11-01)

An entertaining alternative version of fairy tale events told in rollicking rhyme, which carries the reader along. (School Librarian 2012-07-01)

A perfect first independent reading experience for children who enjoy humour.
(Junior 2012-10-01)

New takes on old favourites... ideal for newly-confident solo readers, there are now eight of these amusing illustrated tales. (Cork Evening Echo 2012-05-04)

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