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Monday, 28 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Confession: I'm a bit of a chicken. I don't really like scary things, but I do love lots of things about Halloween - I love carving pumpkins...

I love trick-or-treating and I ESPECIALLY love dressing up!

Actually, one of my favourite things about being a children's author is getting to visit schools in costume - especially on World Book Week when all the kids dress up too! It's such fun seeing everyone in all their different costumes! But even if it isn't World Book Week I often like to dress up as my characters! Whether it's The Wickedest Witch:

Or as Lucy from Mumnesia...

I love a good excuse to dress up - especially when other people dress up too!

Some people's costumes are so good you can't even tell who's underneath! In fact, that gave me an idea for a story...What if one of the people at a Halloween party wasn't wearing a ghost costume...but actually WAS a ghost?! This is exactly what happens in my spooky Halloween story SCARY SCOTT - though actually poor Scott is anything but scary...

He is a lonely ghost who's desperate for a friend...but everybody's scared of him.

Until one day he goes to a costume party. He has a great time, playing with everyone, making friends and having fun - until the moment comes when everybody takes off their costumes....

Will Scott's new friends still like him when they discover he really is a ghost?
Find out more at

I hope you all have fun dressing up, and have a very Happy Halloween!

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