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Monday, 10 May 2021

*NEW BOOK* Sir Laugh-a-Lot!

Lancelot's dad was a knight. Lancelot's grandad had been a knight too. And Lancelot's great-grandad - in fact, ALL the men in Lancelot's family had been noble knights, for as long as anyone could remember...
But Lancelot isn't strong or fact the only thing he's good at is making people laugh! 
As the day of the Grand Tournament approaches, Lancelot is terrified, and desperate not to let his family down...
But maybe he'll make them proud in his own special way...?

This funny story about being brave enough to be yourself is part of the Maverick Books Early Reader scheme, designed to encourage children's love of reading with fun-filled funny stories and beautiful illustrations.

It was great fun to write - I hope you like it!


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