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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New from the FABULOUS Candy Gourlay...

Andi desperately hopes her long lost half brother Bernardo will be as mad on basketball as she is. But when he steps off the plane from the Philippines, she can't believe her eyes.
She hasn't seen him for ten years, but even so, how did he get to be EIGHT FOOT TALL? An eight-foot-tall boy who is about to crash into her life with his size 22 feet.

But Bernardo is not what he seems. Bernardo is a hero, Bernardo works miracles, and Bernardo has an amazing story to tell.

A bittersweet story, funny, sad and magical...

Candy was one of my fellow "Undiscovered Voices" competition winners in 2008. She's fab - funny, warm, encouraging, completely original and an inspiration - and a shining example of how just sticking at it, being dedicated, being enthusiastic and having a great story to tell WILL get you through. I can't wait to read it!

And for the wonderful story behind the fab trailer, click here x

Here's some reviews:

"Tall Story combines wry humour and profound comment on cultural identity convincing, witty and poignant" The Bookseller children's book choice for June 2010

"It isn't often that I am in fits of laughter one minute and in tears the next - TALL STORY is one of the warmest, funniest, most moving books I've read in a long time - and Candy Gourlay is a rare and new voice in children's fiction." Bella Pearson, editorial director, David Fickling Books

"Marvellous ... Tall Story is the kind of book which even as early as in January you can say will be one of the best in 2010." Book Witch


Keren David said...

It's brilliant, you'll love it.

katie dale said...

How do you know? Did you get a sneaky peek?! SO jealous! x

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