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Every correct answer will win a limited-edition Someone Else's Life 
fridge magnet! The competitions are open all month - so why not have a go?!
(UK entries only, sorry)

On the first day of Christmas, 
my true love gave to me
A Partridge in a Pear Tree!
Stuck for a stocking filler?
Simply find a picture of a partridge in a pear tree (identical to the one above) somewhere on my website, then click here to send me a message telling me which page it's on!

A Turtle-Dove?

On the Second Day of Christmas 
my true love gave to me
Two Turtle Doves 
What a strange combination a turtle-dove would be!
But can you name the other animals whose names are derived from two other animals from the clues below? 
Email me your answers here to win!
1) Eight-legged creepy crawly + long-tailed primate!
2) Fire-breathing buzzing insect
3) Sea mammal - with a trunk!
4) Purring sea creature
5) Male cow - dwelling on lily-pads!
6) King of the jungle - under the sea!
7) Equine - with wings!
8) Woolly farm animal - that barks!
9) Large stripy cat - with a dorsal fin!
10) Small garden bird - also bird of prey
11) Cunning bushy-tailed forest creature - that barks!
12) Barking sea-creature!

On the Third Day of Christmas 
my true love gave to me
Three French Hens...
Find 3 French hens scattered round my website then email me here to say where you found them - and win!

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