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Friday, 15 April 2016

Ballets and Book Covers!

Today I have TWO lots of exciting news!
Firstly, the EXTREMELY SPARKLY cover for my new MG comedy/drama MUMNESIA! is REVEALED over at Serendipity Reviews!
I'm super-excited about this one because it's my first middle grade novel, and after writing gritty YA it's been so refreshing to write something lighter and full of fun - and did I mention it has a SPARKLY cover?? (It literally had me jumping around the room with excitement!) I'll post more about it very soon, but meanwhile do check it out and let me know what you think!

Secondly, I'm off to see the THREE MAGIC MICE ballet again tomorrow! I never get tired of watching it - the ballerinas are beautiful, elegant, fabulous, and super-brave (I've lost count of how many injured feet I've seen backstage - ouch!) Do pop by if you're in Stanmore - it's free, fun, and totally FAB! 
Here are some photos from the last performance to whet your appetite! 
The ballerina narrator finds a book - The Three Magic Mice!
But as she falls asleep the characters come to life!
Cinderella's stepsisters are mean to her 
But the 3 Magic Mice cheer her up!
Cinderella's Fairy Godmother turns the mice into men
so they can take Cinders to the ball!
But the cheeky friends run away from the Fairy Godmother so they
don't have to change back to mice - then turn into 3 Billy Goats!
They flee from a nasty troll!
and become PIGS instead!
But there always seems to be someone after them: a troll, a wolf...
Even Goldilocks!
Will the 3 friends escape from the characters chasing them? Will they ever change back to mice? Come along to the ballet to find out - or read the book!


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