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Monday, 8 July 2013

What a Weekend!

Well, there have been lots of reasons to celebrate this weekend!
a) ANDY MURRAY WON WIMBLEDON! The first British male in 77 years! Woo-hoo! Having watched him struggle and moan and vastly improve over last 9 years or so, it's so wonderful to see him finally win - and in straight sets too - Go Andy!
b) The incredibly GORGEOUS weather! It actually finally feels like summer! And despite growing up by the sea near Worthing, this weekend was the first time EVER my sisters and I actually ventured into the waves for a paddle - and we weren't the only ones! The beach - usually a deserted stretch of pebbles and smelly seaweed - was rammed with people sunbathing, paddling, and even SWIMMING. It was like we'd entered a parallel universe. 
Ah, the power of the sunshine...
c) PUBLICATION DAY for AND THEN HE KISSED ME! As if it brought the wonderful weather with it, look what dropped through my letterbox this weekend! Perfect sunbathing reading, this is a chocolate box created by a host of wonderful authors, who each give their take on first love, heartbreak, and that all-important first kiss. Life is like a box of chocolates, right? Many thanks to Annalie and all the team at Walker Books for all their hard work, a GORGEOUS cover, and a very special card :)


Candy Gourlay said...

Well the week is definitely all the better for the b8rth if one more book! Congratulations!

katie dale said...

Thanks Candy!! Looking forward to Shine! :)

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