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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Competition time!!

Doesn't time fly?

My new YA thriller LITTLE WHITE LIES is due to be published a week tomorrow! 

Now, while I haven't even seen the finished book in the flesh yet, I know some bookshops get it in early, so here's a contest - if you spot it, just take a photo of it on the shop bookshelf and post it on my Facebook page:
or Tweet it to me @katiedaleuk 

PRIZE! Signed first edition copies of both LITTLE WHITE LIES and SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE as well as  a bunch of other goodies :)

HOW TO WIN! There are 2 ways to win:

Method#1 If you're first to post your photo, you'll win, simple as that!

Method #2 If someone's beaten you to #1, don't worry! Still post your pic, as at the end of September I'll put all other names in a hat and give out the same prize again!

Good luck!


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