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Thursday, 12 January 2012

SNEAK PEEK!! Chapter One of Someone Else's Life!

Click here to read Chapter 1!
So a book isn't published in a day - a week - or even a year, in this case. In fact here's the timeline of the 10-year(!) life of 
Someone Else's Life!
2002 – I write the first chapter of a YA novel entitled Holding Onto Snowflakes for homework in my Writing For Children course at the University of North Carolina. 
2003-2006 - Uni, drama school, Shakespeare tours and Post-apocalyptic feature films get in the way, but I manage to write another 4 chapters.
2007 - September: The SCBWI launch their inaugural Undiscovered Voices competition! I rename ms Someone Else's Footprints. Just before going travelling for eight months! *D'oh!*
          - October: At a Vietnamese internet cafe I get an email saying I've been chosen as a winner of Undiscovered Voices! *Hurray!*
Editors and agents ask to read rest of the book - but I've only written five chapters - *D'oh!*
          - November: Try to complete book whilst on various beaches/boats/elephants but foiled by juddery transport, beautiful sunsets and pesky stinging millipedes - *Ouch!*
2008 - Miss Undiscovered Voices launch party *Sob* :(
         - May: Finally home! Finish novel - 140,000 words! *Eek!*
         - Send it out to editors and agents...nothing. *Sigh*
2009 - I get an agent! I sign up with the lovely Jenny Savill at Andrew Nurnberg Associates - who helps ruthlessly slash 40,000 words! *Hurrah!*
2010 - Publishing deal! Simon & Schuster in the UK, Delacorte Press in the US and Doubleday in Canada buy the rights to Someone Else's Footprints! *Whoop whoop!*
2010-11 EIGHTY A4 pages of edits arrive in my inbox... *Gulp!* 
2011 – After much discussion, the title changes to Someone Else's Life!
 *I get to see the Book Covers *WOW*
* Foreign Rights are sold to Germany and Brazil! *Squeal!*
*First early reviews start coming in *Sweat trickles down spine* Read them here.
*Pre-order becomes available at Amazon UK  Amazon US and fab new venture The Hive Network, where you can order books from bookshops - at Amazon prices - delivered to your home or local store! *Whoop! Whoop!*
12th January 2012 - Chapter One is released as a SNEAK PEEK! Yes, that's right! That's TODAY! I can't wait any longer! It's only another 21 days till PUBLICATION DAY 2ND FEBRUARY but you can read Chapter One right here just by clicking this link! 
Hope you enjoy it - do let me know what you think!
k xx


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