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Thursday, 5 January 2012

My First Book Birthday!!

Happy New Year, everybody! 
And it's got off to a very exciting start for me - with my first ever book birthday! 
And it's twins!

The Fairy Tale Twists series, published by Orchard Books has been such fun to write, and I'm so thrilled that the first two books are now actually out - for sale! In bookshops! Crazy!
Each illustrated funny rhyming story takes a familiar fairy-tale character (usually a villain) and reveals their version of events. 
In The Big Bad Werewolf The Big Bad Wolf is actually Little Red Riding Hood's Granny - who's secretly a werewolf! When she's chased by Red and the woodcutter, she flees and desperately tries to seek refuge in the Three Little Pigs' homes - but accidentally knocks them down! 
Her dentures tumbled to the floor
As Granny scrambled out the door.
She raised her head and howled with glee
For Granny was a WOLF, you see!
In Goldilocks and The Pea, Gretel (nicknamed Goldilocks for her wild blonde hair) is an incredibly picky little girl - everything has to be "just-so", which leads her into trouble galore, from a close encounter with a witch and a wolf, to a disaster at the 3 bears' house! 
But could a pea - a vegetable she despises - really be the answer to all her problems?
"Oh crumbs!" she wailed. "Look at this mess!
The chair! The floor! Oh no - my dress!
I can't meet dwarves with stains and splatter -
First impressions really matter!"
But of, course, all the characters live happily ever after - albeit in the most unexpected ways!
The series is designed for beginner readers (5+) and is illustrated by the fabulous Matt Buckingham.
The other 6 books in the series will be published two at a time each month through February, March, and April, and to celebrate we will be launching a competition so 
stay tuned! - and in the meantime do join me in a having a lovely piece of cake!


Luisa Plaja said...

Hurray! Congratulations, Katie!

Savita Kalhan said...

Huge Congratulations!! So happy for you!

Michelle said...

Happy Book Birthday Katie!!!!!

katie dale said...

Thanks everyone!! Still buzzing!! :) xx

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