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Monday, 30 January 2012


With just three days
 - THREE DAYS! Where does the time go?! - 
till publication of my debut YA Novel, 
Someone Else's Life
I'm thrilled to announce my very first Blogtour
I'll be guest-posting on these wonderful 
book-blogs and sharing heaps of fun stuff - 
much like the "Special Features" on a DVD :)
I'm really looking forward to it - so do pop along and join me!


Jessica@Booked Up! said...

Wow - i just can't wait to get my hands on Someone Else's Life. I'm going to review it on my book blog, Booked Up!

Jessica from Booked Up!

:) xxxx

Mrs Mommy Booknerd said...

I also loved the book/trailer and placed a great review on my blog (Mrs Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews), my facebook page: Mrs Mommy Booknerd, Shelfar, Good Reads and BlogHer.

See link to my blog

Thanks for writing such a meaningful book!

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