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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Top Ten Christmasses!

Top Ten Choose-Day!
Top Ten Christmasses in Literature!
Christmas is such a magical, emotional, special time of year - especially in books. Here's my top ten fictional Christmasses - in no particular order! 
Which is your favourite Christmas? 

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe 
C.S. Lewis
In the land where it's always winter but never Christmas, Peter, Lucy and Susan meet Father Christmas - a sure sign that the White Witch's power is on the wane. Cause for celebration and Christmas presents! Of, er, weaponry. To children...

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone 
J.K. Rowling
It's Harry's first Christmas at Hogwarts, and his best one ever. There's magic in the air, with real-live fairies, carolling ghosts, and magical snow! Plus he's surprised to get a very unexpected Christmas present - an Invisibility Cloak!

A Christmas Carol 
Charles Dickens
For Ebenezer Scrooge, it's certainly a Christmas he won't forget! During a very disturbed night's sleep he encounters the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future and ultimately makes a life-changing decision to alter his ways.

The Snowman 
Raymond Briggs
Though not strictly occurring at Christmas, James's magical adventure with his beloved Snowman has become a Christmas tradition. Beautifully and wordlessly told,  the story of the snowman James built coming to life and taking him flying off to the North Pole to dance with other snowmen and meet Father Christmas is a bitter-sweet classic.

Father Christmas 
Raymond Briggs
Another Raymond Briggs classic, his portrayal of Father Christmas as a grumpy, over-worked old man is original, funny, and affectionate. This poor old Father Christmas has no elves to help him, just his endlessly patient dog and cat and two reindeer, but as Christmas Eve approaches it's clear he loves what he does - even delivering presents to the Queen!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas 
Dr Seuss
The Grinch, whose heart is two sizes too small, has had his fill of Who-ville's holiday celebrations, so plans to steal all their presents to prevent Christmas from coming. To his surprise, Christmas comes anyway and he learns the true meaning of the holiday.

The Night Before Christmas Clement Moore
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...
Perhaps the most famous Christmas poem of all time.

The Polar Express 
Chris Van Allsburg
On Christmas Eve, a young boy is surprised to see a train outside his house - a train that takes him to the North Pole! There he meets elves and Santa himself, who offers him the very first gift of Christmas. He chooses a silver bell from Santa's sleigh, and though he loses it, it is there under his tree on Christmas morning. But it can only be heard by those who truly believe.

The Nutcracker 
E.T.A. Hoffman
Perhaps now more famous as a ballet, The Nutcracker started life as a story, telling the tale of a nutcracker that comes to life, battles with the evil mouse king, then takes Marie (the girl who tended to his wounds) on a tour of Christmas Wood and Candytown. Her love breaks the spell over him, and they both live happily ever after.

War Game 
Michael Foreman
After a game of football on the village green, four teenage boys decide to enlist in the armed forces to fight in World War 1 in search of short adventure and lots of fun. Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for, as the war lasts several years, and the highlight for the four friends is a very memorable game of football played one Christmas Day on no-man's land - against the Germans...

So which is your favourite Christmas? 
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Anonymous said...

Has to be the night before christmas for the best christmassy read, although watching the snowman and the first harry potter film cant help but fill you with that festive feeling!

Naomi said...

Narnia always - there's just something so magical and Christmassy about stepping through the wardrobe into that snowy wood! Gets me every time!

Ness Harbour said...

I do love Harry Potter's first Christmas. You have picked all my favourites! What a lovely idea for a post though. Thank you

katie dale said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! - don't forget to leave your email address either here or in my contact form
to win a stocking-filler magnet!

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