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Sunday, 11 December 2011

On The Fifth Day of Christmas
My True Love gave to me
Five Gold Rings!

Can you fill in the missing words in this Christmas story?

One magical Christmas Eve, Mary Christmas and Noel, were walking home through the snow when suddenly –
‘Help!’ Mary Christmas cried. I’ve lost one of my diamond _ _ _ RINGs! It must have fallen off when I took my hat off at the circus!
Noel, RING the _ _ _ _ _ _ , it might have been stolen!'
‘Don’t worry!’ Noel said, pulling out his _ _ _ RING. 'I’ll drive you back there in no time.'
Sure enough, there it was in the Big Top, in the middle of the _ _ _ _ _ _ RING.
Suddenly the spotlight fell on Mary and she gasped as Noel dropped to his knees. 
‘Will you marry me?’ he asked, pulling out an 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ RING.
‘Of course!’ Mary cried. 'This is the best Christmas ever!’


Anonymous said...

Lovely story. Did he pull out one of her earrings on purpose then?!

katie dale said...

I guess so! What a romantic ;)

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