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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Advent Calender Day 6 - Oh Christmas Tree!
My Christmas tree!
I'm very excited today, as I've just bought and decorated my first very own Christmas tree! There's nothing quite like a tree to really make you feel festive in the run-up to Christmas, sipping mulled wine and watching the twinkly lights as presents slowly begin to accumulate beneath... But some people have entirely different ideas when it comes to Christmas trees! Check out this upside-down Christmas tree "specially imported from Australia!"
There're lots of weird and wonderful Christmas trees out there, But my favourite has to be this lobster-pot Christmas tree from Provincetown, New England. 

Made from 112 lobster-pots!
Every year, Julian Popko and his family create a Christmas tree out of 112 lobster pots, decorated with red bows and plastic lobsters, 3,400 lights, and 58 buoys, representing 58 local lobstermen. Many people like to stop and have their picture taken in front of it, but when one mother wanted to photograph her one-year old son with the tree he kept falling down. So "We gave her a bungee cord to strap him against the tree and take the picture!" Popko laughed. In fact, I loved this tree so much and thought it was such an original idea, it features in my upcoming YA novel, Someone Else's Life
Read more about Popko and his tree here
Here's a round-up of the best of the rest - which is your favourite?
Thanks to UV 2012 Winner Rosie Best for
recommending this Lego tree at St.Pancras station- Wow!

A tree made from Mountian Dew cans
Sushi Tree!
A tree made from singers!

Pac-Man tree!
A tree made from 350 Christmas trees!

And beer bottles...


Michelle said...

I love them!!!! I still have to find my tree among all the packed boxes waiting for our move.

One More Page said...

Great post - I love the Pac-man tree!

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