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Friday, 9 December 2011

Festive Friday DOs & DON'Ts at Publishers (or any!) Parties...

This one counts!
- Just find 2 more!
On the Third Day of Christmas 
my true love gave to me
Three French Hens...
Find 3 French hens scattered round my website then email me here to say where you found them - and win!
The French certainly know how to party, but here are my 
Five Festive Friday DOs and DON'Ts 
for publishers parties this Christmas:
Teri Terry - author of the
upcoming SLATED
DO meet up with some fellow-attendees before the party - I recommend Helen Dennis, Kate O'Hearn, Teri Terry, Kathryn James, Fiona Robertson, and Chris Hill for a delightful mix of giggles and invaluable writerly wisdom and advice. 

DO line your stomach first (preferably at an unexpectedly extravagantly expensive restaurant where they move already-dining people to accomodate a table for 8...)

DO then order only side orders and/or dessert (Recommended: Cauliflower Cheese, Chips, Crumble) and watch the look on the waitress's face...

Lucy Jones - author of the upcoming
DO catch up with everyone you met at last year's party - it's so much more fun if you already know people, particularly the lovely Holly Webb, Lucy Jones, Karen Ball and Catherine Coe.

DO be brave - talk to those actually-not-so-scary editors and famous authors/illustrators wandering past (Kes Gray) - they're really friendly and approachable once you're brave enough (or tipsy enough) to say Hi!

DON'T accidentally spend your entire cab fare on raffle tickets - even though you might win an Ipod dock (though you don't actually have an Ipod) and then leave said Ipod dock at the bar!

DON'T choose canapes with a risk factor (Chicken satay with drippy sauce in particular, followed closely by brownies with melting ice-cream on top, and (surprisingly) spring rolls with flaky pastry and chilli dip! Disastrous!)

SO pretty - but great for
running for the Tube!
DON'T forget a spare pair of flat shoes should your gorgeous party heels begin to rub/blister/bruise your feet after five minutes/hours!

DON'T drive to the station - get a taxi or a lift so you can let your hair down properly!

DON'T drink so much bubbly you can't find your way back to the Tube or fall asleep and miss your stop! (There are taxis waiting at the end of each tube line ready to charge sleepy passengers extortionate fees to get back to the city!)

Most of all - Enjoy yourself!!


karen said...

Brilliant! I particularly agree with the warning about canapes. They are time bombs waiting to go off! How can a person chat, seem charming, hold a drink and eat a small item of greasy food all at the same time? It just doesn't work. Flat shoes an essential alternative and plates of chips and cauliflower cheese beforehand - essential advice. And just remember, most people there are just as nervous as you are.

TeriT said...

great advice here - I could barely walk by the time I got home, and I never had any champagne: it was the shoes. Ouch.

malrostan said...

I wish I'd read your post BEFORE I dripped quail egg yolk down my LBD.

Stroppy Author said...

Don't drive to the station? I thought I had progressed when I started driving to the station rather than cycling. Not having to change into party gear in St Pancras toilets and carry warm things bundled up...

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