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Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy First Publication Day - To Me!

Ooh - my first "Happy Publication Day" card! *Squeal!*

Okay, so it's a little belated as I'm so utterly disorganised I didn't find this in some stray post until yesterday, so actually missed my actual publication day (June 6th), but the thrill is still completely the same - Hurrah!


This is a biggy - my FIRST fictional sale, my FIRST complete story is published out there in the big wide world for all to see - and possibly buy! Scary! 
It's a tiny bit like what I imagine becoming a mother is like - exciting, thrilling, nerve-racking, scary... But the great thing is, my story "DEAR TADPOLE" is accompanied by nine other terrific authors, so it's as if it has friends holding its hand as it ventures out into the unknown. 

And it's certainly in terrific company.
The fab Walker Books and the genius that is Tony Bradman have put together 10 edgy stories from 10 different authors, each exploring what it takes to be a boy in the 21st century

After all, teenage boys are trouble, aren't they? It’s in the news, on the front page – everywhere you look they’re doing drugs, messing with knives, terrorizing communities. But what if it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy? What if you’re 13, an OK kid in a bad life? What if you’re more urban poet than ganster rapper? What if deep-down you want to make your mum proud, but you’ve got to live up to your rep, be a bro, beat or be beaten? Gangs. Hoodies. Young offenders. How do you be a boy in a world that’s already got you tagged?

My story, "DEAR TADPOLE" is about a fifteen-year-old boy who has a baby brother on the way. The problem is, his mum's married to another woman, so it's up to Davey to teach his little brother how to be a boy. 
Trouble is, he's not sure he's figured it out himself yet...

I can't wait to get my hands on the anthology to see what the other stories are about - it'll be like unwrapping a big beautiful birthday present - which I suppose it is, in a way!

On that note, time for some celebratory cake, methinks... anyone care to join me? :) 


beccabrown said...

That anthology looks excellent - I'll get hold of a copy as soon as I can, and congratulations! :)

katie dale said...

Thanks Becca! I got my copies today - the other stories are fab! :)

Candy Gourlay said...

happy first book day! i know how you feel!

Talli Roland said...

Fantastic! Massive congrats! I hope you've had cake AND champagne to celebrate.

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