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Thursday, 18 November 2010

What's in a Name?

Apparently, quite a lot!

Just heard from my editors that they'd like me to consider an alternative title for my upcoming YA/Crossover novel. 'Someone Else's Footprints' they say "feels like something we've read before - perhaps a mystery?"

So they've come up with a few alternatives, and I've also added my own to the list above. (Please note, any title which includes the word Lives/Life I want to do something fancy with so it also reads 'LIE' e.g. Someone Else's Life/Someone Else's Lie)

This is where you come in! PLEASE HELP!!

I would be SO grateful if you'd have a quick squiz at the titles at the top of this page and tick your favourite(s) - which one would you pick up off a bookshelf?

If there are any you love - or hate! - please feel free to leave a comment (below) telling me why - Or perhaps you have a better suggestion altogether?

Anyone who comes up with a NEW title that makes it to print will get a whole stash of goodies - an ARC, a printed acknowledgement in the book, A CHARACTER NAMED AFTER THEM, and much much more...

Here's the synopsis:

"When seventeen-year-old Rosie’s mother, Trudie, dies from Huntington’s Disease, her pain is intensified by the knowledge that she has a fifty-per-cent chance of inheriting the crippling disease herself.

Only when she tells her mum’s best friend, ‘Aunt Sarah’ that she is going to test for the disease does Sarah, a midwife, reveal that Trudie was not her real mother after all – that she was swapped at birth for a baby destined to die…

Devastated, Rosie decides to trace her real mother, hitching along on her ex-boyfriend’s GAP year to follow her to Los Angeles.

But all does not go to plan, and as Rosie discovers yet more of her family's deeply-buried secrets and lies, she is left with an agonising decision of her own - one which will be the most heart-breaking and far-reaching of all... "

So what should the title be...?

Suggestions so far:

PARALLEL LIES                                THE DECISION

SWAPPED                                          STOLEN LIFE

EXCHANGED                                    CHEATING FATE

LIFE SWAP                                        SIDE BY SIDE

DEADLY LEGACY                            THE CHANGEOVER

DEATH SWAP                                    MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER

FINDING ME                                      WHO IS ROSIE?


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