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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Books and Ladders!

Hello lovelies!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but here are some of the exciting reasons why!

I'm thrilled to announce I have two NEW twisted fairytales coming out this August and September
with Franklin Watts - THUMBELINA THINKS BIG and BIG PANCAKE TO THE RESCUE! It's been so much fun imagining what Thumbelina might dream to be when she grows up (spoiler: a catwalk model!) and I wasn't very familiar with the fairytale of The Big Pancake so it was great to discover a new fairytale and then twist it a bit and make the pancake the hero! They're both beautifully illustrated (by the fab Rupert Van Wyk and Steve Stone) and I really hope you enjoy them!

I've also just signed a new two book deal with the lovely Macmillan Children's Books team for 2 Middle Grade books! (I've written for teens and 5-7 year-olds, so it makes sense to write for in-betweeners now, right?) I'm having HEAPS of fun writing the first book, entitled MUMNESIA, a comedy/drama that's due out next year!

Lastly, to celebrate Independent Booksellers Week, I'd like to share with you a pic from a very exciting new bookshop I found last week - it's called Topping and Company and they have three stores nationwide (Bath, Ely and St. Andrews) and as well as having very knowledgable and lovely staff, and organising fab author events, they offer complimentary tea and coffee whilst you browse! I may make this a regular thing - just think, instead of going to a coffee shop, I could pop to Toppings and spend the money I would've spent on coffee on books instead! Awesome!

And the icing on the cake is that the St. Andrews Toppings store even has book-ladders-on wheels like Belle in Beauty and the Beast! As I was up in Scotland last week for my Mum's book awards (Her fab picture book OFF TO MARKET came runner up in the Dundee Picture Book Award) I couldn't resist popping in to try out the ladders (something I've ALWAYS wanted to do-who wouldn't?!) - it was SO much fun!


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