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Friday, 31 January 2014


Happy New Year!

So, one of my resolutions was to update my school visits page on my blog - so I though to give you all a taster of me and my books I'd film a little video! Hope you enjoy it!

Meet Me!
I also write for teens and adults (SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE, LITTLE WHITE LIES).  If you'd like me to visit a teen/adult group, please feel free to get in touch via my Contact form, or read on for more information on primary school visits... :)
For Younger Readers
A trained actress as well as an award-winning author, I like to bring an element of performance to my visits, and am more than happy to dress up if required (as you can see from the photos!)
I have visited lots of different schools (as far afield as Moscow!) and have a variety of tried and tested events and activities for years reception up to year 6 including:
Interactive quiz/drama/stories
Becoming an Author  
Reluctant Readers/Writers
Able Writers Days
Differentiated workshops for years 1-6, including
Fractured Fairytales
Fairy Tale Crimes Court Case
Writing in Rhyme

I can customize any event to meet your needs, and all include readings and a Q&A, and also book or postcard signings if desired. I now also offer the option of collating and showcasing all the pupils' work (from all ages) into a "Daily Mirror Mirror" Fairy Tale Newspaper!

If you’d like me to visit your school or library please click here to use my contact form to discuss fees and dates. 


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