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Monday, 6 February 2012


The minute I remove the snowflakes from my blog - it snows outside!
Isn't it beautiful? Somehow it just make the world outside look magical - a bit like Narnia. I couldn't resist rushing outside into it - but this year I decided not to make a snowman, but a snow-cat! 
And it seems I'm not the only one - 
look at all these wonderful creations!  
Thomas Taylor's snowman!
Karen Ball's MA-HOO-SIVE snowman!
Savita Kalhan's Snow CAVE!!
Have you built any snow creations? I'd love to see your pics! 
Enjoy the snow! 

The world outside looks different already. A desert of white. The snow hides everything, glossing over the lumps and dips and tufts to leave a perfect, smooth surface. 
Like icing on a Christmas cake. 
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